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Lighthouse Inn  

If you have never heard of Chincoteague Island, then you may think we are kidding about wild ponies and rockets. We are not!!  This place is an adventurer's paradise. Home to The Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, where the ponies run wild. Once a year, all of the ponies are rounded up for the world-famous Pony Swim! Short horses not your thing? Check out NASA! The Wallops Flight Facilities and visitors center are just minutes away and regularly schedule launches that can be viewed from the island. 

Gotta see it for yourself?


We are a pet friendly hotel! Please read the pet policy HERE before booking your stay and give us a call if you have any questions! We are happy to help.


Chincoteague, yeah it's an island of wild ponies and rockets.

The Lighthouse Inn is currently in transition and is not accepting reservations at this time. 



A Small town with a big appetite. 

This island may only be a few miles wide  but its food options are endless. The island is home to an eclectic variety food trucks  and restaurants. 

Things To Do.

Once you have tried a few places for lunch, check out the many walking and bike trails along the island. You may even spot eagles, wild ponies, sea birds and crabs! You will be ready for a comfy bed after a day like that. Go ahead and book your stay below. 

Things to Eat.

Book Your Room.

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    Assateague Island National Seashore

 The connecting island of Assateague serves as a public land where visitors can come to relax, recreate and immerse themselves in the island life. Popular activities include walking the beach, swimming, surfing, wildlife viewing, birding, crabbing, fishing and kayaking.


Over 1 million visitors come to Assateague each year!


Over Sand Vehicle (OSV) Use


Wallops Flight Facility


You thought I was Kidding?


Rockets are crazy cool, AND  viewable from Chincoteague Island! The Lighthouse Inn is just a walk away from Waterfront Park, a fantastic launch viewing area.

Next Launch

Saturday, May 15. 8PM 

The launch of the Black Brant XII sounding rocket carrying the KiNET-X payload has 

 NASA frequently schedules launches at it's flight facility on Wallops Island.  

Click below for more information on upcoming launches. 

The Video below shows the last cargo ship, named SS Kalpana Chawla, launched to the International Space Station from Wallops Flight Facility on on Oct. 2, 2020.


Click the truck for more information on OSV regulations and permits. 

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